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Claudia White

eBay Seller @ claudiakBay

Claudia White
57 years old
Professional Status
Project initiator
Open to opportunities
  • Weekend Graveyard 3-12 hour shifts while working at Omega during week.

    Include running all aspects of the Laboratory, Ordering tests in LIS, Phlebotomist for ER & schedule Floor draws, Specimen processing, Hematology, Sysmex XS-1000i, Peripheral Blood Smears, Wright Staining, Manual Differentials.
    Chemistry, Dimension® ExL, STAT Troponins ran on iSTAT, Coagulation Sysmex CA-500,
    UA Bayer Clinitek®, manual microscopy, reflex pos to Micro-set plates.
    Microbiology Setting Blood Culture Bottles, Gram Stain, MRSA Cultures. Manual slide prep, staining, microscopy for positive Blood Cultures.
    Maintenance of all instrument in preparation for day shift , Quality Control, Calibration.
  • Processed specimens, tests, and results to gain accurate results on patients’ conditions.
  • Managed the weekly assignment in blood bank; performed daily quality control; typed and crossed specimens and identified antibodies; utilized the ID-Micro Typing System™ (ID-MTS™) System. Proper patient history look up and reporting.
  • Blood cultures, MRSA cultures, urine cultures, blood smears, bodily fluids, hemocytometer cell counts,
  • microbiology gram stains, manual differentials, hematology, and CSF’s cytospins.
  • Let go due to Phlebotomy skills Floor Nurses complained to HR for having to help me.

    I notified HR & Lab Supervisor- prior to accepting employment that my phleb skills were underused, I would need assistance for 1st 6 months -1 year.

    Additionally Counter to my training in Phleb 2x attempts, another person takes next draw. Nurses were unwilling to be next person.