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Claudia White

eBay Seller @ claudiakBay

Claudia White
57 years old
Professional Status
Project initiator
Open to opportunities
  • Biolis24i Analyzer from Carolina Liquid Chemistries
    Maintained Calibration and Quality Control Data, troubleshooting and incidence
    Interpreted test results and reports for clinics providers (physician’s, PA's, RN's)
    Saved the Clinic the cost of Service Contract by performing all maintenance, daily, weekly, quarterly and part of annual.
    Paid by:
    1099 Salary, <20 hours/week, No Benefits
  • Ensured compliance when testing clients’ urine for DOA's
  • Interpreted test results and reports for physicians, registered nurses, and physician’s assistants.
  • Successfully maintained the calibration and quality control data, incidence log and troubleshooting.
  • Once they decides to make LC their method of screening samples, I was not invited to next level of laboratory. They had hired another Tech to take over Lab. Did not get it until CO would not let me order reagents needed to test all samples.
  • Once their new tech took over position received phone calls from her 2-4 X per week for 3 weeks.
  • Dr called asked if I would come to LCMS training.
    He did not offer future employment, for Full-Time W2 w/ Benefits.
    Unable to fit training into schedule as I had accepted employment w/ Recovery Ways